The flip side of typical delivery drivers during the COVID-19 times is spectacular

Delivery driver jobs aren’t as easy as many think it to be, especially in usual circumstances of the ongoing COVID-19 crisis. We have some real time experiences where delivery drivers turned to be the real heroes during these hard times. The spread of coronavirus (COVID-19 in short) is showing its impact on major sectors of business including food, travel, transport, commercial and many others. But the doctors, police, and food delivery drivers are still performing their duties to allow a smooth survival of earth.

The so called unskilled staff who delivered items or packages had no recognition until the COVID-19 existed. But later people started realizing that these guys are no less than that of the white collar job holders. Since the nature of work doesn’t define a person, the lessons learnt from this ongoing pandemic need to be remembered and continued. For example, driver jobs London has a special place now as they have been wandering down the streets to deliver food and essentials for the poor and necessary.

Let’s take an instance from the person who drove a lot of miles to deliver the goods for the public, being quoted on Driving Jobs Near Me portal. James (not his real name) who has been working for Tesco for 20 long years went to a depot in Livingston, Scotland that covered 185,000 sq metre (2m sq ft). He loaded his vehicle (HGV) with 25 tons of food, toilet rolls and toiletries. He soon drove 25 miles to a Tesco supermarket in Musselburgh and by the time he reached the delivery location, the staff was already waiting.

It was a situation that was never seen before, busiest times than Christmas too. The situation was so unusual, being the Easter time, delivery of eggs to the major supermarkets was the usual task. James had witnessed a totally different scene of how things were happening and after a talk with the known staff at dispatch section, he returned back. He again reloaded the product packages and drove 88 miles south to Dumfries. He was taken by surprise as he saw the staff seriously waiting for the goods with empty racks in the market.

‘Passion with humanity wins the hearts,’ particularly in hard times.

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